Thursday, 23 June 2011

aargghhhhhhh crochet

afternoon all.just going to pick little man up from school shortly.i have just spent 3 hours googling and you tubing beginner slow motion flowers to crochet.
hmph the slow motion ones are still too fast.i get my little circle centre ok and then i just end up with a blobby knotted ball.
i am going to step away from the crochet hook before i tear all my hair out.
i`ve been learning right handed and saw lots of tutorails for lefties which i am but they were even worse, oh dear i think i`ll just laugh and try another day, LOL :D
if anyone has any online tutorials or books they can recommend i would be so gratefull :D

luv coops xxx


Fiona said...

they also work b est with crochet cotton rather than wool...i used to crochet years ago.... i will have a look and see if i can find any instructions.


Sheena said...

Lol! I've been trying to master crocheting for a long time too and I have a fabulous teacher - my granny!
I can make a long line and a square, but can't seem to get anything else right! lol
Good luck!


Julie said...

Hi,Dorcas has several flower tutorials and links to others on her blog,sorry can't direct you exactly but it's easy to find. You might have to guess a little or google as I think the stitch names differ slightly from England. I made some fairly presentable ones through guess work though lol!Sorry I can't give you precise directions,not sure how to do it on phone. Message me later if you can't find it and I'll do it from computer. X

Janette said...

Hi Nic, you do make me laugh at'll do it, don't throw the towel in yet...have

Angel said...

Hi Coops hun..

I learnt with this utube vid, hope it helps!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Coops, sorry to read of your hair-tearing experience with the crotchet book - must be difficult learning to use the right hand when left-handed though. Here's details of a lovely book that you might not have seen: 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet [Paperback] by
Lesley Stanfield - details on Amazon at:

The same author has also a book on crotcheting birds and butterflies that might also interest you: 75 Birds and Butterflies to Knit & Crochet - the link is:

Both books are on my wishlist:) Elizabeth x

Judi said...

Hi Coops

I don't know if you tried this one:

I've never been any good at crochet, but I managed to make this one work, by keeping the laptop in front of me, and pressing pause as while I copied each step. Let me know if you try it, and if it works for you.


Judi xx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Not a clue about crotcheting Nic, sorry! Do you know anyone local who could show you? Have you a Craft Shop perhaps? Judy x

sandy's crafty bits said...

oh my goodness nic ... would not know which end of a crochet hook to hold ... hope somebody can help you ... happy crafting love sandy xx

Christine said...

Hi Nic have you hopped over to Tabs blog she does crochet?
you may see a link she is very helpfull..? good luck..

smiles Christine xx

kay said...

hi coops,i am left handed but found the left handed tutorials too hard so have been doing this one which is really easy

Lorraine said...

hi hun try this link as Katherina has a video on her blog xx

barbara said...

if you hold your hook as if you were going to knit, so that you take your hand of the needle and wrap the wool round you will find it a lot better if you understand