Thursday, 30 June 2011

good evening all.

good evening all.thanks so much for all your hugs and get well wishes.
i have mentioned my rogue tooth before, it was one that was nearly all filling with a pin.when my lovely hubby bought me a big box of thortons chocs for mothers day i actually pulled the filling and pin out and have been living with a shell of a tooth for a couple of months which over the last couple of weeks has gradually broke off in small pieces.
they were going to leave the root in but it is infected underneath so needs to come out, luckily my wisdom tooth is staying, lol.
fingers crossed they can extract the final bit of tooth in 4 weeks or i have to go to hospital.
anyway i have spent the day making a 8x8 boxed wedding card for my mums friends son but i used a free clipart image from the internet and you can not put it online so i can`t share it with it you.i`m so dissapointed as i was really proud of myself too.
its a pale gold, beige and pale blue colour using gcd papers and i have used a heart doily, heart pearls, marianne swirls and sizzix rolled roses.also i used some pins and roses on the box front and i also personalised the top of the box with the lucky couples names and wedding date.
ah well you will have to picture it, lol :D
so seeming as i`ve faffed all day with that i will be having a break tonight and catching up with your blogs instead.
please do scroll down for my final gdt card for cute card thursday though, its something a little different for a change :D
have a fabulous evening.
luv coops xxxx


Christine L said...

ooooh ouch Nic.... I hate dentists!!
Shame you couldn't post the card, but I'm sure it was fabulous...
Christine x

Donna Mosley said...

Ooh! Nic, sorry to hear about the tooth hun, hope your not in too much pain. The box card sounds stunning, shame you can't show it.

Donna x

Sue said...

Hi hun
oh ouch, i feel for you,HATE the dentist, luv your card below brill image & crackle effect, hope tooth soon feels better, aww shame we can't see ya card, hugs, sue,x

downrightcrafty said...

oh poor you, hate dentists myself I would prefer if removing any teeth they book me in for a morning snooze lol

Kate x

Inkypinkydelights said...

Your card and box sound gorgeous Nic! But OMGoodness poor you! I am soooooo afraid of the Dentists, it must my everyone'es nightmare I think! But for it to go wrong, gosh I do feel for you (HUG). Thank goodness for our crafting to create a distraction! Judy x

Viv's Visuals said...

The wedding card sounds fab Coops... what a shame you can't show it - the tooth thingy sounds awful! I've had millions of visits to the dentist over the years - had most of my top teeth knocked out in my late twenties (not not fighting, playing hockey and the ball hit me smack in the gob! That shut me up for a while I can tell yer!!!!! LOL) so there have been many crowns/bridges/caps etc etc and I really sympathise with you. Hugs. x

tilly said...

hope the tooth is soon sorted, I hate dentists as well lol

chris richards said...

Hi Coops, you poor thing !!
looking forward to your next creation !!
love and hugs
chris richards

Nicola said...

Hope your tooth isn't giving you too much pain now, I was cringing reading what you had to go through! Your past two monochromatic cards have been stunning, loved them both!
Love Nicola xxx

sparklingblackrose said...

Aww I hope they can help you at the dentists, that sounds nasty :-( Sending all my best wishes! Your card sounds gorgeous, but your creations always are :-) Elaine-xxx-

Time-To-Share said...

Hi Nic, hope you get your tooth problem sorted out soon! Sorry we can't see your card but pretty sure it will be fabulous. Like your comment about 'faffing' - I seem to have done a lot of that this week and not achieved too much. Luv & Hugs Trish x

Di said...

OMG!! The dentist. Coops. I'm like you and have a broken tooth. I know i can't get away with it for much longer and the longer i leave it the worse it's going to be. My other half is also a phobic so is not likely to march me there.At least you're half way to getting it sorted. Good luck. xx

Creations by Shirl said...

Hi there~
Hope you feel much better when you get up from your hopefully rested night... And I'm sure your card box is gorgeous as ever...
Take care ~ keep rested and stay away from those hard chocolates for now....

Sandra said...

Hope you get it sorted soon.:) Sandra H

Elaine said...

I am so behind with my apologies!
I have read the description of your card and in my mind it is gorgeous (as all your cards are) just a pity you spent so long making it and can't show it!
Ooo the dentist.. made me shudder just to think of it. I'm a big baby when it comes to the dentist but I always do my twice a year checkups and then run out as fast as possible.Hope you get it over and done with quickly and painlessly.
Lovely to see the photos of your little guy at sports day, he did really, really well.
As for losing a follower, I'm always losing the odd one, I can assure you that you've haven't offended anyone, some folks just come and go. I have one blogger that always follows me when I have candy then unfollowes me straight after presumably because she didn't win, which is odd because with behaviour like that she will never win ha!
Gosh Nic, sorry I've written half a book, just playing catch up!

Love Elaine xx

Jackie said...

Ouch! I felt that for you coops. I hope you soon get it sorted out.
Hugs, Jackie xx

melsanford said...

Awwww! Poor you! Hope it all gets fixed soon. The card sounds lovely :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Sarah said...

Ooouuuccchhh! Poor you Coops :-( I am not good with the dentist after having a traumatic time with a root canal years ago. Hope they can sort you out soon xxx

Jules said...

Oh dear Coops .. .. I am so sorry .. .. you sound like you have really been through the mill at the dentist. You poor thing.

Your mouth must be so sore.

Let's hope they can sort everything on your next visit.

Shame we can't see the box. It sounds amazing!!

Love Jules xx

Ella's Design said...

Hi Nic! Hope your mouth's a bit better today! Loved the piccies of little man's sports day, you must be so proud! We've got our village carnival tomorrow, so I've been busy making a King Arthur costume all week! (and I hate sewing! The things we do for our kids, but they're worth it!)

Mary J said...

It sounds lovely coops! I bet it is lovely too!

Hope the tooth is repaired soon!!!