Monday, 4 July 2011

i`m home

hello home now but won`t have time to make a card tonight as need my tea yet, i`m starving.
i will be round to your blogs later though for a good peek ;D
don`t laugh but its so blooming clammy here at the mo and its been so hot at work that i`m now sitting with me trousers  on and just me bra, lol :D
i hope noone knocks on the door, i`ll have to pretend i`m not in , lol.
catch ya laters.
oh and for all those who gave advice on pricing for my boxed card, i got a fiver.a fiver more than i had this morning and it all goes in the pot.

luv coops xxx


Lee said...

hee hee,same here hun.I'm sat in just me knickers n T

chris richards said...

Hi Coops, I am so glad you got a fair price for your efforts,
keep cool coops (sorry,could'nt resist)
love and hugs
chris richards

Sarah said...

Lol at you in your bra, I've got my pjs on, it is blooming warm and muggy today x

Sandra said...

So funny!! your right it is hot still!:) Sandra H

Donna Mosley said...

Got my pj's on Nic, very hot here today too. So glad you got paid a fair price for your wonderful work hun, worth every penny.

Donna x

Donna said...

Great news you got a fiver Nic...still think you under priced yourself a bit though...espesh when you see the price of some cards in the shops! Hope no one knocks at the door tonight lol! Thanks for the get well wishes :) Donna x

Elaine said...

I tried a few times to leave a comment last night Nic but it kept giving error codes grrr!
I was going to say that you are underpricing your cards! I think a fiver is a reasonable price for a 6x6 card with a little more for a larger or boxed card. You can't buy a mass produced card for less than £3 and yours are much more beautiful.

Hot and sweaty here today too, I think the aircon will be going on tonight!

Love Elaine xx

Anonymous said...

oOoOO you kinky divil CC!!

You deserve more than a fiver but if you're happy with that then that's ok xx

Creations by Shirl said...

Here on the BIsland of Hawaii, it's a little overcast but humid.
I'm glad you are relaxing hope you had a good day work...

Lou Mac said...

LOL!! It is/was/will be/has been VERY hot lately!! It's had me WORN OUT!!

Well done on the fiver! That is fantastic!! Keep up the good work girl!!


Inkypinkydelights said...

I thought you might go with £5 Nic, and it is what I would have done. It was worth much more than that, but it is more a case of people are happy to pay, AND come back for more! Judy x

Christine L said...

Hi Nic
I agree with everyone that says your boxed cards are worth more than a fiver!!
Christine x

Jules said...

Hi Coops

Good job you didn't accidentally switch on your web cam!!!

We would hate you to be removed from blogland for indecent behaviour LOL!!!

Love Jules xx

Mary J said...

You crack me up coops! I bet you still looked very sophisticated!!

Sue said...

LOL! Yep, this weather makes you want to dress minimally!!! very humid today - yuk !!

Have a nice evening!
Hugs Sue xx