Sunday, 7 August 2011

day one of the hols

:D yeah its holiday time and today i have a mission should i choose to accept and oh boy i DO.
my spare bedroom which was supposed to be hubbys hideaway is a junk room, so much he can not use it.hubby is still in bed, i`ve been up since 7!! cos of a certain person snoring :S so someones gonna get woken up now by me sorting out the junk in the spare room then mr certain person is going to have to go the tip, evil wife mode today, hahahaha.not really but i want this room sorted and i want it done it now!!
so off i trot and then once thats done i am gonna craft,.
have a fab day all and if you don`t see me later then i am still in the mound of junk :S
luv coops xxx

YES!!!!!! its done.ahhh i feel so much better.about 3 old duvets, 15 binbags and the broken futon all outside ready to be disposed of :D
i sent other half to get the sunday papers and i had dismantled the futon and got all but the main base outside by the time he got home, also meant i could throw tat that he would want to hold on to.just need a nice new chair for the room now and the best bit now i am doing nothing, hubby is cooking dinner and tea and  making all my cuppas for the rest of the day, ehhehhehehe :D
catch you all later.


Diane's Card Designs said...

lol, I know how you feel about the snoring I have the same problem with my hubby. I was up most of the night crafting because of a certain person snoring lol. Enjoy your week!
Diane :-) xx

weewiccababe said...

good luck with the decluttering - and I have a certain person who snores too, it's murder isn't it?

angelwhispers said...

Sounds like a great first day of your holiday!! Have fun Chanelle xx

chris richards said...

Hi Nic sounds like work to me, but hey its sunday....isnt that a day of rest ? and crafting.....
have a good one,
love and hugs
chris richards

Feebsy said...

hahahaaha I love your cunning plan!

I hope you get finished up quickly so that you can start crafting!


Pink Dandelion said...

Sounds like a great plan, in fact I might join you. We have 2 sheds in the garden and can't get into any of them. Hubby just opens the door and dumps his stuff so if you need anything from the back you have to climb over his DIY stuff and Fishing gear. He has just gone round to his mums so when he comes back he might just find all his stuff in the garden. Debs xx

Cor* said...

Holidays= relaxation!! LOL at least get the snoring man up to help!

Aunty Sue said...

like the sound of this Nic

Sue said...

Hi Nic,holidays are for resting Lady.Glad you got the room sorted.Chill chuck,enjoy your day.
Sue x x

Sheila said...

Hope you moving into this room with all your crafty goodies Nic! Sheila:)X PS let me know when is your bday pls

gymjean said...

Thank you for givening me a Laugh at your Blog todayI must try that one with my other half Hugs Jeanxx

Donna Mosley said...

Ooh! you have been buy Nic, it does make you feel better to have a good clear out does'nt it?

Donna x

Anonymous said...

So much for being a lazy holiday, lol!! Having a good clear out does make you feel better though! xx

Vicky said...

Good for you having a good clear out...and having din din's being cooked for you too...sounds fabulous sweetie..!

hugs Vicky xx

Sarah said...

Hi ya, it does feel good to clear a load of junk doesn't it? Though I thought you said this was your holiday - that's not what I'd consider doing on a holiday! Hope you have fun with the rest of your hols. Sarah

Julie said...

Brill card, Coops! Love the layout and papers and her pompoms are great!! Juliexx

Sue said...

Glad you got your Clear Out done - makes you feel better!! and nice that hubby has cooked dinner for you!

I wake myself up snoring !!!! :-))
good job I sleep alone then eh? rofl
Hugs Sue xx