Friday, 12 August 2011

morning all

morning all and guess what, the postie has been but am sulking cos still no parcel :(
he did bring my letter for hospital though regarding my teeth.i have to go in november but only to discuss what they are going to do.
have got a strange feeling stomach today, though i was going to be unwell last night but nowt happened if ya know what i mean, lol.
have been and dropped some samples off to the craft shop this morning and to pick up a little something i need to send off.
so better go sort my parcels off for sending and then will try and eat somthing :D

catch you all laters and also a big thankyou to all who hopped over to the crafty urchins blog and left such fabby comments, thatts the highest number of comments left over there ;D

xx coops x


Fiona said...

hopefully your goodies will turn up soon!!


Sharon Cuffy said...

isnt it funny when you are waiting for good mail, all the crappy stuff comes through, keep well hope the tooth isnt causing to much greif x

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

I am waiting for a parcel with some craft bits, not heard a word so I hope I do get them. Why is it when you are really wanting something the postman walks at a snail pace.
I know the feeling with hosptials I hope they get your teeeth sorted out as soon as possible after you see him what a long wait.

Debs M said...

hope your goodies arrive and your tummy settles x

nnalorac said...

Such a let down when postie doesn't deliver what your looking for...hopefully tomorrow will be the day! Carolxx

Creations by Shirl said...

What a bomber Coops~
Maybe you should re-check to see what's going with Mr. Postal!

Jessica said...

Hope you feel better - I still feel grotty after a week's worth of cold!! No signs of it shifting yet either!! Take care. Jxx

sallysbitz said...

It's sooo annoying when you are waiting for a parcel !!! I am waiting for mine from Create & Craft. It will be almost two weeks AGAIN !!

Regarding teeth .... I had a bad toothache yesterday. Went to dentist & was given strong pain killers & antibiotics. Have to go back Thursday & have one tooth extracted, one filling & a clean up .... sounds like I have a set of rotten teeth Lol. I slept most of the day yesterday because the tablets knocked me bandy. Still not fully gone but bearable x

hugs sally x

Christine L said...

Oh... Hope your tummy's better now.. Know that feeling when you think something is lurking...
Christine x

Sandra said...

lt's so annoying hopefully it will arrive 2moro:) Sandra H