Monday, 29 August 2011

naughty tinternet

cor blimey has my laptop done my head in this morning.
it was so slow, wouldn`t open up blogs or anything.turned off my router but was still slow, ran a scan which came back the end i have shut down my laptop, unplugged the router for 10 mins and tryed again.
fingers crossed i think i`m back in action again so better go try catch up with you all now :D
i hope you all have a fab day whatever you have planned ;D
luv coops xxxx


Tracy xx said...

Nice to see you Coops. Hope you got your Internet sorted!
Tracy xx

Jacee said...

I'm finding it a bit slow today too Coops, but it is a bank holiday so I guess the world and his wife is on it today! enjoy your day anyway.
Hugs Jacee

Sandra said...

Hi Coops, i had the same trouble only my internet didn't reappear until early afternoon from morning must of been a senior hopefully it will stay okay now:) Sandra H

Sally said...

Hi Nic, my laptop did that last week & after messing around with it for about 2 hours I gave up. My 'tinternet was fine the next afternoon. Hubby put the blame on our ISP. Glad yours is up & running again though.
Sally x

Tonje said...


Arline said...

Computers drive me nuts at times! Hope you get it sorted soon!xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

My computer has been very slow it drives me mad at times. We tried unplugging the router but it's still slow.
Your card is beautiful. I love the colours and the pretty flower.
Diane :-) xx