Monday, 15 August 2011

today is the day

when its time to put back on the uniform and go and earn a crust
have really enjoyed my week off but wouldn`t like to be off work all the time (unless i won the lottery,lol).was out of work for nearly 18months before and i know its not for me :D
so i`m sitting in me dresing gown  looking out at the perfectly blue sky and thinking "thanks mrs sun"
lol.i knew the weather would turn nice today. go figure :D
i will now be posting at night again, back to normal for a while but i am only at work this week and then mon,tues wed next week then have got 5 more days off for a couple of celebrations.
so i`m gonna have a mooch in blogland now and a big thankyou to all who have visited me last week, my highest ever weekly hits :D
have a good un and enjoy the sunshine, either from inside or out :D
luv coops xxx


Jacki Daniels said...

Nic it's always the same it used to be like that for me when I was at work have some time off weather would be awful the no sooner the uniform went on out came the sun anyway have a great week and don't work to hard lol see youse later
Jacki xx

pinky said...

Ah thats just typical Coops lol. We always get beautiful weather when the schools go back lol. But at least you enjoyed your time off. Hugs

Jacq said...

Hi Coops,
Typical British weather LOL...nice and sunny here too, sounds like you've had a nice break though.
Hugs Jacqui xxxx

Sue said...

Never mind Nic,I dont think it will last.Glad you had a lovely break.
Sue xx

Kerryn said...

Typical that you have sun when you go back to work! It's cloudy here again. I want some summer!!
Hope you are well Coops. tc xx

Sarah said...

Aw, sounds like you've had a lovely week. Hope you have a good day back at work. I've been off work now since the end of 2005 looking after my boys, I;ve done bits and bobs workwise but not had a proper job all that time. My youngest is due to start school in September so it's nearly my time to go back to work. Eeekkk, I am terrified nobody will want me so am hoping I will win the lottery so I can open a craft shop and indulge all day every day xxx

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

I hope it was not too bad going back to work today and they did not leave you too much work to catch up on.
Always the way the weather always improves when go back to work from a bank holiday or holiday.

Sandra H said...

It's always the same once you go back the sun comes out but like above it won't last our weather today is good but won't be tomorrow :) Sandra H

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Typical bloody weather! lol
Take care missus
hugs shell xx

Mau xx said...

Hi Coops, hope you settle back into work ok and sorry i can't wish for less poor old bones need a little heat on
See you each evening hopefully, I need to go see what Amanda has been doing with my stash now whilst I was away :O xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Its nice to go back to work and feel like you havent been off! :) Its when you go back and everything has changed you need to worry! :D lol.

Hope it all went well.