Wednesday, 17 August 2011

tut tut

good morning all.
i hope you are all just sitting here waiting for my work clothes to dry and then its time to go to work :D
i woke up this morning and got a strange readout on  my laptop screen when i switched it said it hadn`t been shut off properly, mmmmmmm i remembered shutting it brain was trying to figure out what i had done until i noticed hubbies sheepish face, yes he had tried to use my laptop , hes not used this one yet so didn`t know what to click to access the internet so had just switched it off at the power button instead of shutting it down.
how NAUGHTY!! lol.
oh and we were talking last night about our wedding annivesary next week, i asked if we were buying pressies or just cards.just cards he says cos i don`t want you using your birthday money to buy me a present, we`ll go for a meal instead.
mmmmmmmmm ok thats sounds romantic but my birthday is after our annivesary, lol.
ah men, don`t ya just love em :D
right enough of me rambling , better go stick me uniform on and do summat
have a fab day everyone and i`ll catch you all later :D
luv coops xxx


tilly said...

enjoy your day at work, at least your husband told you what he had done lol

Sue said...

Hi Nic,my birthday and our anni were 9 days apart.So of course I always said a meal out was lovely.Hope your day is a good one.
Hugs Sue xx

Lorraine said...

lol i bet he thought he got away with it bless him and i hope you have a wonderful night out on your anniversary dinner xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Ni Nic,

I think you better do what I do, I told my hubby if he does not turn the computer off properly he wont be able to use it......... he only plays the games and the music I put on it for him. not interested in anything else, I am dreading November it retires god help me if I cant get a job and have him around my feet all day!!
Have a lovely anniversary.

Sue said...

Lol hun
hope ya slapped his legs!!! well i think two meals be in order next week!!! & box wine for cockin ya computer up!! lol, sue,xx

Mau xx said...

ha-ha can't in the act eh!! I was crafty..I got a new lappy for Christmas and I convinced Den to buy one for himself in Febuary as he was using Amanda's old one..It was a very good move as the old one died :)
its the only thing we have ever had that is "His & Her's. :) :)

Arline said...

Bless him...hope you have a lovely meal out for your anniversary hun...and your birthday is soon...exciting times!xx

Andrea C said...

Well just make sure you get an extra special birthday pressie hehe x

xxxtglxxx said...

Aww, our anniversary is at the end of the month - and we dont celebrate the date (as I forgot it).... We just know we got married on an August BH Monday at Gretna Green, so we just stick to that :) lol.