Sunday, 25 September 2011

malware warning!! - I`m clean

afternoon all.i hope you are all well.
i have been informed that a malware warning is appearing for some people viewing my blog and other peoples blogs too, apparently this is warning of content from another blog.
i have run a sceurity check on my laptop and i am clean but it might be worth you all running a scan.
strangely enough i got a severe security alert 4 days ago whilst on someones elses blog and my security software stopped it and cleaned my files for me.
i hope none of you have been affected.
its horrid and raining here today but hey oh.
i`m off to see my friend now so i will catch you all tonight.
take care
luv coops xxx


Fiona said...

oh i don't like when these kinds of things happen...I have had a couple of weird things happen when visiting blogs and wondered if it was dodgy. At work just now so will do a wee scan when I get home.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Coops, thanks for this warning. I've got enough security on my pc to keep Fort Knox safe you'd think but you can never be too careful. Not seen any malware warning whilst viewing your blog, or others either ... so far. BTW, love the card on your previous post ... all that gorgeous embossing makes a perfect card.

Elizabeth x

Julie said...

That's strange,I had someone from LIM email me saying shed got an alert whilst comng to comment on my blog,hubby has run all the checks and although it's come back as all clean the LIM lady says I still came up with an alert when she called back. I no nothing about such things! Sending you some of our amazing sunshine,Julie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic, I got on here just fine - no messages. I can't tell some people as the warning covers the whole screen and their email isn't on their profile. Have done a scan and I'm okay too. xx

Jacee said...

Thanks for letting us know about it, you can never be too careful, there are some nastys out there.
Hugs Jacee

Vicky said...

Hi hun....just checked mine too...Katina said I had a warning on my blog...done a check and I'm clean...not sure what is going on...??

big hugs Vicky xx

Sandra said...

Well Coops your blog is clear l got on yours with no trouble i have done a scan on mine as l got the same trouble but norton prevented it from opening:) Sandra H

Liz's creative corner said...

Thanks for the warning hun, not had a warning from your blog but have had from others, must be something going around, hope you enjoyed your visit, hugs Liz xx

Lorraine said...

thanks huni i too did mine last night my hubby does it regular for me glad ours is ok xx

Christine L said...

Another fabby Sassy... and you've got her shadow just right.. the autumnal colours are lovely too.. the perfect time for apple picking!
Christine x

Christine L said...

Ooppps put my comment on the wrong one!! Well, you can figure out what I meant... yes? LOL!
Ta for this warning..
Christine x