Thursday, 1 September 2011

quick test

goooooooood  morning all.
i am just trying out the new blogger interface.
it does seem a lot quicker so now to see what its like to do a post.
test pic coming up.

well that worked too.
anyone else tried it yet.xx

mmmmmm and my verdict, i love the new interface but have had to switch back to the old one because the new one has a huge cannot publsuh a scheduled post properly.
i did a test scheduled post and it posted it straight away instead of the time i put and it said it was tomorrow and a totally random time.
ah well back to the old one until they iron out the faults.
also some of you have said you are having problems with my blog page loading or crashing you computers so to be on the safe side i have deleted my piccy of the delicious eric just in case that was causing the problem as that is the last thing i added to my blog.
would you be able to let me know if you are still having problems or if its ok now :D


Denise and Louise said...

I loaded it yesterday and am still getting to grips with it. Haven't tried to post with it yet though!!
Denise xx

Sue said...

Well done you Coops! brave you are, I was a bit worried after downloading the new Google Toolbar and it changing all my settings, it then took me two days to change it back!!! so was a bit reluctant to try it :0) lovely piccie too, fab two previous cards, you are good, Happy Crafting to you, Sue xx

Debs M said...

didn't even know there was one x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Morning Coops . . . great pic!

I tried the new UI out last night and managed to publish instead of schedule! Not quite sure how as I THOUGHT I set a different date! Never mind . . .ended up posting 2 cards yesterday!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments.

Hugs, Sandra

Chrissy said...

I've seen it up the top there 'try our new interface' but I'm a big coward in case I get lost again.
Takes me long enough to work out normal
Lovely picture.

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic,

No I have not tried it yet, but I had problems getting onto your site and leaving you a comment,
at least yours is working, brilliant picture of your little man.

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Mmmm I tried it but I couldn't find a place to edit a post that I'd alredy started but not published, but needed to add to lol if ya get me!! Hope they sort it cus it does look easier to navigate!
Hugs Shell
ps love the piccy!! x

Jacq said...

Hi Coops,
OOO you brave little toaster you LOL I thought errr no way am I trying that one out, I have enough problems with the old Blogger LOL...will wait and see how it goes * is Big Chicken* ;) . Fab Photo of your little man.
Hugs Jacqui xxx

Sue said...

Tried it Nic but like the old one better.
Sue x

Diane's Card Designs said...

I have seen it up there but too chicken to try it out. I'm sticking to the old one for now.

I took a bit of time loading onto your blog but got there in the end.

Your little man is gorgeous.
Diane xx

Sue said...

Hi Coops, not seen the new interface - but then sometimes I think I am blind as a bat!!! LOL

Not had any probs with your page myself, but hope computer probs are sorted for you now anyway, and I love your Little Man - what a cutie !!!
Hugs Sue xx

Kathleen said...

No I have not tried it cos I'm a coward,lol. Took me forever to learn new changes.
Fab pic of the little man.
Kathleen x

Sandra said...

I'm unsure about downloading it so will wait until more people have done it and hopefully it will work 100%!!:)Sandra H

sallysbitz said...

I don't have a clue what this new thing is Lol
I do not have a problem leaving messages & it's not affected my laptop YET !!! Lol

Nice piccy x

hugs sally x

Christine L said...

Hi hon.. I haven't tried it yet.. Bit wary after you've had probs! Sometimes your blog takes a while to load on my machine, but I always thought it was because of your different font!
Christine x

Christine L said...

Ps..lovely pic x

Kerryn said...

Hey Coops! You are braver than me. I am useless with technology and computers, so I'm keeping to what I know! It's taken me long enough to work out how to use blogger properly anyway! lol

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee I could see all your test pages in my reaing list ... 'blah, blah', lol!!! I've never had a problem with your blog loading. xx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic not tried thought would leave a little till they iron out errors and no trouble loadsing your blog. Great picture

Mags said...

I'm not going to change until my daughter's around to help me! (Pity about the pic of Eric, perhaps he's too hot for our computers to handle lol!)

luv, Mags x

Andrea C said...

He is adorable. It has always taken time to get your page loaded for me but it is worth the wait x

xxxtglxxx said...

This is working fine to view :)

I tried to new interface, but it felt a bit empty, and I didnt notice any improvement speed.

I switched straight back, as like you I will let them get it right first! :)



melsanford said...

I had a quick look at the new interface but I'm quite comfy with the old one..... Maybe I'll try it again later :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx