Saturday, 22 October 2011

whoops a filling

oh dear.not a good start to my week off.have just managed to pull a HUGE filling out of my tooth on a hotdog!!!!.got a feeling this tooth may have to come out now as it was nearly all filling.feels really sharp in my mouth now,will have to phone the dentist on monday.ah well.
hope to be back later with a card :D
luv coops xx


Kimberly said...

Oh i hope you have better luck than what i had. Went for a routine filling change and have been in extreame pain since....have to wait till Thursday to see a specialist...i'm crossing my fingers for you.

Diane's Card Designs said...

Hope you get your appointment soon. Fingers crossed!
Diane xx

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Nic!! Hope you're okay until Monday and it doesn't start niggling.

Sarah said...

Oh no :-( I lost one of my baby teeth eating a bowl of my nan's custard once ;-). Hope you can get an appointment sorted asap x

Sue said...

Nic,hope your Dentist see you soon.
Hugs Sue x

Mags said...

Oh no! How maddening for something like that to happen just when you're about to have time off! I hope your dentist gets it sorted asap!

luv, Mags x

annies place said...

Ouch, ouch & ouch again, hope you get it fixed soon, my disaster with a toffee is costing me £300 for a new bridge.
Hope your bill isn't too painful
Ann x

Sandra said...

Oh you poor thing Coops nothing worse than having teeth trouble hopefully they will save the tooth take care:) Sandra H

susiestacey said...

Oh dear - you are not having much luck with your teeth x Susan x

Mau xx said...

Awww!!!!! Poor Coops, you really are going through the mill with your teeth lately. hope you get sorted out quickly and it behaves over the weekend. Hugs Mau xx

Sue said...

Aww that was me couple of weeks ago! I know it's horrible when it's sharp. Catches on your tongue when you speak, eat or drink.
there wasn't much of my tooth left but he managed to restore it for now! Really hope he can do the same for your tooth!!
Take care!
Big Hugs!
Sue xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Coops, you sound like you have as much luck with your teeth like me. In December I had terrible pain and went to the emergency dentist to be told a capped tooth had failed but it was so bad I had a week of antibiotics before he could touch me. I then went back for the first appointment to sort it out before Christmas and was left with a temporary tooth. Sadly things went from bad to worse and in the end in March I had to have surgery at the hospital for a root canal infection. 6 months on I still have problems but my dentist went ahead four weeks ago with putting my new tooth back in. Unfortunately when they drill into the bone it can take up to two years to recover so that will be me.

I always tend to get fillings fall out and go sharp. I do try to file it as it's uncomfortable but then I was told by my sister once about a temporary filling you can get from a chemist that you put into the gap. It's happened a few times since and I always go and get some to save the edge cutting my tongue or side of my mouth.

Hope you get yourself sorted out very soon.


chris richards said...

Such a fun card and gorgeous colours too, fabulous Nic !
love and hugs
chris richards

Christine L said...

Ooohh poor you! Are you sure you're not my daughter? We seem to have enough visits to the dentist between us!!
Christine x

Andrea C said...

EEk the pain xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Aww, you havent had much luck with your gnashers lately hun :(

I hope it all gets sorted soon.