Thursday, 15 December 2011

at last......

good afternoon all.i hope you are all well.been busy again this morning.went out for breakfast with my friend then went and wrapped up some pressies for my mum.have been and bought some super strong glue dots to hopefully use with my very lush but very awkward wrapping paper.
just sat and printed off names etc for my familys cards and now  need to nip to the post office and then hopefully i might manage to make a card later if i get my pressies wrapped.
also you might think i`m mad to get excited about what im going to tell you now but finally after 3 weeks some of the stitches from haviing my teeth removed have come out, yippee.only 1 stitch left where my wisdom was pulled and 2 left from the other tooth
thanks to a blogger who adviced me to use corsodol mouthwash, i have been using little cotton buds and applying the mouthwash to the stitched areas and my mouth is now fine  :D:D
right gotta go, catch ya later ladies and gents.
i do apologise for not catching up with you all but i will soon :D
luv coops xxx

oh and a big hello to my new followers, i think i am now following almost all of you too but  a few of you do not have your links to your blogs so if you leave me a comment with your blog addy i can come and visit you :D


SoniaW said...

I love your blog and have been an avid reader for a while nbow but only realsied yesterday that i was not a follower! If you check out my blog you may see signs of your tips etc in my cards! I love the way you use a white pen around your images, my blog is:
I do not have any followers as such as i do not find the time to dedicate to do my blog AND a card every day! I dont know how you keep track of all of the challenges that are on etc!!!
Look forward to seeing your latest card and glad you got on well with the corsadyl (i had to use the mouth wash and toothpaste when i was pregnant many years ago and the toothpaste used to make me gag!)

Viv said...

Glad the mouth is getting better Coops! I went out for breakfast too today! Our electicity has been off since early hours so it was a good excuse and of course no washing up!!! LOL
Catch up again later. x

MagsB said...

I'm so glad the tooth problem is finally clearing up, it sounds like a nightmare!

Your blog is so inspiring! I keep having to find new ways of saying 'gorgeous' when I visit lol!!

much love Mags B xx

Sue B said...

Aww that's great news that your mouth is finally better Coops!! It's taken a while... hope those glue dots work on your wrapping paper!! If not use blobs of Tacky Glue. That sticks ANYTHING rock solid !!!
Hugs Sue xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Glad the corsodyl worked! :) Im never without it! Also really chuffed to hear its well on the road to healing properly.

You will enjoy christmas so much more!



Juls said...

utterly cute and gorgeous!! Hugs Juls

Pam said...

Glad to hear your mouth is mending & you are almost stitch free x