Tuesday, 27 December 2011

evening all.

hello all.thought i`d quickly pop on and say hi before i get myself to bed.thought i`d better go to bed earlier tonight as i`m back at work tomorrow and i do like to read in bed too.i got 5 new books for christmas so am wanting to finish the one i`m reading so i can start on one of my new ones.
i also had people asking what the pig goes pop is?? hehe, its a game little man has been asking for since he saw an advert for it about 6 months ago.basically it is a plastic pig with a latex tummy and its comes with some plastic burgers and a dice.
you roll the dice and then have to feed him with a certain coloured burger.all the burgers have numbers underneath.the number on the burger is how many times you have to press down on his head when you have fed him the burger, his belly then gradually grows until it makes his coat pop open and then its game over.
so yesterday his stomach wasn`t growing so thats why i googled it and read that one lady said she had to lay it flat and continously keep pressing down his head for it to work.
so there i was this morning still in my pj`s with a pig on my lap and i furiously pushed his head like some bad woman for about 5 mins and voila his stomach now inflates.
we have all really enjoyed playing the game today, but then again we are both big kids :D
so thats pig goes pop, a really easy game and lots of fun once ya get his belly working.
right another quick browse around your blogs and then time for bed :D
see you tomorrow night.

luv coops xxx


Delphine said...

hehehe... We do have that pig in France too:-)! Glad the pig is working now! Enjoy your reading! Hugs Delphine xx

Shaz said...

Sounds a fun game, lol. Enjoy your new books hun. xx

Sue said...

Oh you made me laugh so much Coops! I wonder how many others are also sitting with a pig in their lap doing the same!! It sounds like a really fun game though!!
Hugs Sue xx