Saturday, 10 December 2011

mrs mop does her best

evening all.well i have been to work which was very busy.i seemed to be having to tidy up my clothes aisle and ends every 5 minutes as theyclothes,slippers,underwear, you name it were just left where people dropped can be quite friustrating i was still raring to go when i got home at 2pm.
first though me and man stopped off at the chippy for dinner then i have deep cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.
the living room to do tomorrow and upstairs will have to wait till my day off on thursday.
i then set to on my christmas cards and i have 5  drying on my little table now so will be back to share them once they have dried.
right hubbys home now, better go make him a brew :D
luv coops xx


Janette said...

Oh you do make me smile Nic, don't over do it

Lorraine said...

you go girl you sound like super mum bless you take time out for you too huni xx

Pam said...

Oooh I get very angry when people don't pick up something they have dropped in a shop, their laziness could cause someone to trip over & be badly hurt :(