Thursday, 12 January 2012

blog viewing problems

Good morning all.
i`ve just been out for breakfast and now am catching up with your all your blogs BUT i have a problem with a few of you.i can see your blogs in my sidebar/blogroll but when i click on your blog its just a plain white page.
not sure whats happening but just to say if i`ve not left a comment that is the reason why.its happened on 2 blogs so far.

updated** thankyou theresa :D
that has worked on all but one blog,will try that one again later .thanks so much for your help. :D
luv coops xx


THERESA said...

Been happening to me too, try clicking on the blog itself and not the post, i got through that way.
lotsa luv

Elizabeth said...

Hello Nic, have been experiencing the same problem ... could it be Blogger having problems and not us? I'll try Theresa's suggestion and see if it helps. Elizabeth x

Creations by Shirl said...

Yikes, I'm having the same issues too Coop, I just started and out of my list I came across 4 so far.... I hope it gets resolved soon!

Sue B said...

I have been having some strange effects too !!!! When I go to comment, the writing goes really small. Also on some blogs the margins suddenly change - all very weird !!! but glad I am not the only one with problems!
Hugs Sue xx

Lee said...

i can get on to blogs but on a couple so far can't comment.Hugs xx

SoniaW said...

I have been having awful trouble with blogs in general at the moment and have not been able to post due to my pc not loading pages properly. Glad your blog is still ok though so i get to see your lovely cards!!!

Diane's Card Designs said...

Phew!!! It's not just me then. Thanks Coops for mentioning this in your post. I thought it was just my blog. I'm having the same problem. Some I can get in and comment then others is just a blank white screen. Must be blogger playing up. I'll try again later.
Diane xx

Marie-Louise said...

Me too. Thanks for airing the problem.

Sandra H said...

Hi Coops, Me too!! that's why l'm blogging so late l turned my computer of and then on and it still didn't help the problem so hopefully its better now:) Sandra H

xxxtglxxx said...

I posted a fix to this on my blog yesterday. There isnt much you can do, its down to everyone to change their blogs to pop up comment boxes, instead of embedded ones.

This is due to a recent change blogger made to the threading of embedded comments. It only affects viewers using Internet Explorer and blogs that dont have pop up windows. I changed it on mine, but am having an awful time trying to catch up and comment on the blogs without the changes :(

They are working on a fix, but if more people catch on to change their settings it will be a massive help :)