Thursday, 19 January 2012

in production mode

good afternoon all.huge apologies for being so far behind in my commenting.i have been beavering away today to try and decorate 8 candles that i bought from the sale section at work.i decorated a couple but wasn`t happy with them and then i remembered the yummy  flowers i won from the talented pops and ping off went the lightbulb in my noggin.i have decorated them very simply with roses.the candles already had a spotty background.i`m just going to finish the last one off and then i need to tidy my corner cos i have made a huge mess.
i will then share a pic of the thinking of charging £3 each or 2 for a fiver.
i would love to know if you think they are worth that much.
back soon with pics.
luv coops xx


*Jellie* said...

Can't wait to see them! i've got some cheap candles I'm going to decorate but I havrn't had time yet!!

SoniaW said...

Look forward to seeing the candles, i have never seen this before... is there no end to your talents!

Sandra said...

Can't wait to see them:) Sandra H

melsanford said...

Ooooh! Lemme see, lemme see! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Lee said...

I'm sure they will be Fantastic.xx