Friday, 27 January 2012

is it just me

good afternoon all.have just got in from work so am sitting here with my cuppa.
now is it just me or is anyone else having problems with people they follow.
not the people but the fact that their posts are not showing in the dashboard/bloglist.
i feel awful about it.
sometimes i don`t realise i have missed posts and other times i get someones weeks worth of posts showing up one after the other in my blog list.
i have tried stopping following the blog concerned and then refollowing to see if that sorts it but it doesn` if any of you have any advice i`d be really grateful :D
luv coops xx


Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nic not noticed but did think things seemed a little slow maybe some of mine are missing too. Considering the number of people I follow dont get too much on my blog list either. Enjoy your cuppa off to make banana cake

McCrafty's Cards said...

No you are not alone, very often people seem to be missing from my dashboard, and then 2 or of there post will show up, also, some times sheduled posts show up as well,
Kevin xx

Wendy said...

Hi Coops..I too am having this problem and feel awful when I miss their posts..I too have tried stopping following and then refollowing, worked on one of them.A Challenge blog I follow is not showing up at all on my manage page so can not see how to stop following to start following again...sorry after all that I have no advice for you, but it's not just you, hope someone can me more helpful...Wendy xx

Sarah said...

Hi Nic, no advice, sorry - but same problem. I've had missing blogs for ages! I'm tending now to rely on comments, so if someone leaves me a comment - I'll wander over and see if their blog has been updated.

Sort of working so far, but I know I'm still missing out people. Apart from sitting here every night going through the list of who I follow (which I don't always have time for) don't know what else to do.




Hi Nic
Thank goodness it 's not only me,i have noticed this,i am following a blog but it doesn't show up and then it does,but i have been missing lot's of blogs post as well
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Fiona said...

yep...the same thing is happening to me Nic...

Denise and Louise said...

Hi Coops
I have had exactly the same problem for weeks and it's driving me nuts. Have unfollowed and re-followed, have re-added them to the list sometimes to be told I have exceeded my 300 blog list limit when I am only following just over 200!! Sorry I don't have any advice I'm afraid other than I have added the important ones to my favourites bar.
Denise xx

Lizy said...

Hey Nic I have the same problem too sometimes! And my friend Kim has major problems with it! We too have tried 'unfollowing' and 're-following' but nope...doesn't work! I'm sorry but I have no solutions lol!
Lizy x

Jen said...

Hi Coops, mine does the same .... for some it's fixed by using the follow button on the bar at the top but even this doesn't work for some of them :-(

jen xx

Elizabeth said...

Hello Nic, I've occasionally gone looking for a blog I follow and not been able to find it on the sidebar list but then it turns up again next time I log on so maybe part of the same thing. Maybe Blogger is just getting big to cope ... the price of success. Now that you've mentioned a cuppa, I think it's time for one for me too:) Elizabeth x

Debbi Glennie said...

can't say I've noticed, but then I'd get no prizes for observation skills either lol

Mad Moose said...

hey, I'm having a different issue with my blogger - the news feed keeps telling me i'm not following anyone or just not updating the list when it does show, this morning the last post I had in the list was from 2 days ago. Not sure what's going on with blogger :S

jojo said...

wish i could offer help coops but have to say i am totally lost lol. i can post my comments and a picture but thats as far as it goes. i will ask kids if they know lol. hope u sort problem. take care hun.xx


Squirrel x said...

Not sure if it's the same thing hun, but I discovered that I was Following "too many" blogs - apparently there is a limit of 300ish (no wonder I can't keep up with commenting, lol). I had noticed some of the more regular blogs had been quiet and then on visiting discovered tons that I had missed and not been notified about. Hope you can get it sorted. Hugs Sxx

~ Ali ~ said...

I know what you mean Coops :O( blogger is the pits just now and here was me thinking it was behaving after i moved back from wordpress lol

Ali x

Sue said...

Nic I have often thought that.I am glad you said that.Blogger is having fun with us.On my blog I have so many followers,but if you look at my dash board I have a few more.Odd.Sorry I can't help.
Sue x

jo said...

Same here, Coops, sometimes all blogs show, sometimes a few missing but it's always the same ones missing! I've tried allsorts - even had my techie sons looking but no use! Grrrr!
Jo x

vickisunshine said...

This happens to me too, so you're not alone. I don't know what the solution is. However, what does happen with my bloglist is that sometimes all the blogs I'm following are listed but mainly they're just not there! If you do find a solution, please keep us posted.
Vicki x

craftymum said...

Hi Nic
I have had this problem for ages.I have done exactly the same as you too.I don't know what the answer is though
hugs Sarah x

Viv's Visuals said...

Aha! So it wasn't just me then! Like you I felt real bad cos I missed visiting lots of blogs as Mr "flippin I only work when I want to" Dashboard decided not to tell me when they'd uploaded. I cured only SOME of them by going back to the blog and connecting again with Google Friend Connect - but it hasn't worked with them all.... and don't anybody tell me to upload Google Chrome cos I don't like it and nor do some of the non crafty sites I visit!
I felt REAL bad cos Debby had posted that I'd won the Christmas challenge and I only saw it by chance two weeks later!!!! (I thought she had forgotten!)
So can only say to try and connect again using your Google account to the 'Friend Connect' thingy and see if it helps! xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Ni Nic,

I have been having trouble with blogger, I try to leave a comment and it freezes, so I have to go out and come back to the blog and try again, I have given up sometimes and I feel guilty because I like to leave a comment on the best blogs and those who have the best items. I am sure thats why I have not had that many comments because followers are having problems with the blogs.
So its not you its all of us.
So you have not had a comment sometimes does not mean I have not seen your blog.

Eskimo Frosting said...

I have this problem intermittently but as of yet have not found a permanent solution. Sometime I switch browsers from chrome but not sure if this does help.


Gemma said...

mine keeps doing this every now & again too sweetie, i tried a number of things but nothing worked....eventually it sorts itself out!!
Sorry i can't help thou sweetie!
hugs and xxx

Netty said...

My blog lists have always been variable, just cannot rely on it. x

Kathleen said...

Hi Coops, no its not just you, for the last 3 days on my dashboard all my blogs that I follow have gone, so apparently Im not following anybody!! I have just been refreshing my page and after 3/4 times they come back but once I go and visit anyone they are all gone again when I go back to dashboard!!! Its driving me mad. Cant help tho sorry, I think blogger is just having a hissy fit! Lol
Hugs Kat xx

Pink Dandelion said...

Funny you should say that. I knew something was wrong but couldn't work it out. The other night you popped up on my dashboard and when I clicked on your post I realised you had posted quite a few cards that I'd missed. Better go and check everyone else. Debs xx

Mau xx said...

I have had this problem for about 3months at least, I mentioned to lots of bloggers long before christmas but couldn't get the bottom of it. I still don't get some blog posts and I am still no wiser Coops xx

Amanda said...

Oh I thought it was just me, I keep getting lots of temp stuff too. Hope blogger sorts himself out soon.

Teresa said...

Hi Coops, I thought it was just me but now I have read your post and everyone's comments, we are not alone and I thought I was going mad! I was missing people's posts in my blog list up my side bar - people had posted but it was still showing they hadn't posted for three days or more...and I "lose" followers who mysteriously return the following day, very odd. Blogger again :( Hugs, Teresa xx

Alessandra said...

Aaaaaaaw, I am so glad, that I am not the only one!! It happens to me too...
I have a list in my sidebar now, sortet in Countries, that helps a bit. And those who are not in there are those who do not leave me comments very often. When tehy comment my works I pop back and leave a comment too. It's kinda difficult to catch up with every blog that I follow, cause I follow many blogs to help them get more followers. I know it's not important to have many followers or comments, but on the other side it's nice to get both, we all startet with no followers and were pleased when we got more and more.
So that is how I do it: have the most lovliest in my sidebar (that changes from time to time) and I visit the blogs of those who leave me a comment. I just don't have time to visit ALL blogs and I even miss some posts of those who post daily. But I guess we all understand that and believe me: I don't question it if someone misses a post and does not comment my card. If I had time to do so, I'd better stop crafting :))))
Have a wonderful Sunday, Hun!
Hugs, Alessandra

melsanford said...

I thought it was just me!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hope it all gets sorted out soon! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx