Saturday, 25 February 2012

i need more hours

hello all.i`m not long in from work and just thought i`d pop on and see if i had any emails etc.
i need to get the washing sorted now and get the old washing machine fired up.
just to say i seem to be constantly playing catch up with you all at the mo.i need more hours in my day to fit it all in.
sooooooo i`m gonna sort out the washer, get the dirty work clothes off, have a bath and then i will try and come and catch up with some of you, fingers crossed.
i hope you are all having a good day, it was lovely and sunny until i finished work now its gone quite grey and overcast.
see you soon.
luv coops xxx


Linda said...

Amen Sistah!

angelwhispers said...

Enjoy doing your chores Coops at least then you can play! Chanelle xxx

sandy's crafty bits said...

wow we have had a super day here nic ... so lovely I decided to tidy the summer house ... took lots of bits up to the charity shop so feeling very good about myself now lol ... have a great weekend ... and thank you so much for visiting my blog happy crafting and love sandy xx

Lee said...

Don't worry hun,you try and relax a bit.We can wait lol.Huggles xxx

Christine L said...

Know that feeling hon.... I hate it when blogging becomes a pressure..
Christine x