Wednesday, 22 February 2012


good morning all.its tipping it down with rain here at the mo.hopefully it stops before i head out to work.
now on to the oops, when my brother updated all my security etc the other day he has altered something which means my printer won`t connect.i was just going to print some of  my saturated canary digi`s out and it wouldn`t work.
so little bro has kindly offered to link up to my laptop via teamviewer when he finishes work soon.
so i just have to sit here and watch my laptop screen use
hopefully i`ll be back later, fingers crossed :D
luv coops xx


Lee said...

Oh dear,hope he wont be long lol.
Thanks for your comments n email,don't worry hun i knew you'd be at work.I was panicking big time LOL.Have a good day.It's pouring down here too.Huggles xxxx

Ella's Design said...

Thank goodness for the tech savvy men in our lives!! I have to admit, I may be okay at using a computer, but as soon as there's a problem, there's a big shout out to my DH, as I wouldn't know where to start! (P.S. It's teeming it down here, too) Lisa x

Christine L said...

Hope it gets sorted soon Nic... who could be without their Saturated Canary's? Hmmmm wonder where she got that name from btw!!

Christine x

Jackie said...

Oh how frustratuing when you want to do something and can't.....hugs
Jackie xxx

Unknown said...

It's eerie that - watching someone else use your computer from somewhere else!

Hope he gets it going for you - can't have you not able to print out your SC stamps and depriving us all!


Sandra H said...

Never mind it will get sorted and then l'll be waiting for another of your gorgeous creations:) Sandra H