Sunday, 25 March 2012

car boot brill but cards naff

hello all.just a quick update before i tackle the ironing and have some food. my car boot table did really well.i managed to sell little/bigs mans slide.rocker and trike and childrens books etc but i only sold 3 cards.1 more than last time though,lets see what happens at the next one.
i will be back later to draw a winner for the saturated canary blog still have time to leave a comment, i will close the comments at 3pm.
good luck and catch ya later.
luv coops xx


Krafty Hugzz Kenzi x said...

hi hun,
which car boot do u go, Hanley?
I used to go there but peeps always try knock the prices down, u do get some ok-ish ones, i found places like ipstones,tean ok probably where the posh people live,lol..
Well good luck for your next one hunny,
Kenzie xx

jackid said...

Hi Nic the trouble with car boot sales is people don't want to pay for stuff they expect if to be given away so I find them a pain we have done a few in our time and it really narks me the comments you get that's to expensive not paying that well don't buy it then but when you think of the work we have put into them they are priced up well below their worth.I refuse to do any more unless absolutely necessary (hate them) do you want to do my ironing to can always drop it round as we ain't that far apart lol
Jacki xx

coops said...
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sandy's crafty bits said...

wow glad you enjoyed your car boot ... oooo I love them ... my local one does not start until end of May time and is only on for about 14 weeks ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Sarah said...

Hi ya, well looks like you had half good luck at the boot sale!

Don't know how no-one buys your cards - it seems a real shame to me as they are just beautiful.


Squirrel x said...

Glad you managed to clear some stuff hun, but really sorry about the cards, that is such a shame. I just don't think people realise how much hard work goes into them, and you will never ever recoup the cost of your time. I almost think we should gang together and open a high-street card store, somewhere upmarket with loads of money around! Hugs Sxx

xxxtglxxx said...

I have never been to a car boot sale! :) glad you had a good time, but rotten luck there was no one there with any real taste, or your cards would have sold like hot cakes! ;)

I sold just 5 cards yesterday (but the table only cost me a fiver) so at £5 a boxed card I was still in profit........... that was before I stumbled on the WRI baking stall! lol :D

It was a very small craft fair tho(no parking and on a main road didnt help) but I will deffo do another one and will also go back, as its usually much bigger and busier (im told).

Nice weather can work against you and for you as well eh? :S

I thought I might be in trouble when I arrived and all I could see was lots knitted bootees and scarves! :D



Christine said...

I never thought of selling cards at a bootfair...not that I've done one in years! Great that you managed to clear so much other stuff though! xx

Christine L said...

Well done on the boot sale stuff Nic, but can understand that your card won't sell at something like that - people don't go expecting to buy fabulous cards!! And you really mustn't sell them too cheaply - I think you'd be better at an art shop!

Christine x

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

It's a shame more of your cards didn't sell but then I think that they don't seem to sell to well at car boots, have you tried approaching any local card shops to see if they would sell your cards, I am sure that they would be interested as your cards are always so gorgeous.
Lindsay xx