Monday, 2 April 2012

still playing catch up.

Good morning all.still sitting here in my pj`s.the joy of having no school run for 2 weeks. ;D
i am still way behind in my commenting but i` sure i`ll get around to you all at some point.its my fault for following so many blogs.still having problems with some blogs dissapearing from my dashboard and then showing up weeks later so i do apologise if i am missing some of you.
on a good note though blogger now seemed to have ironed out some of the problems and  i have not had any problems this morning.all blogs loading up first time.
right off to iron my work clothes and go and earn some money :D
catch you all soon.
luv coops xx


Viv's Visuals said...

Please can you come here and iron some of mine???? I've missed your last two offerings coops and don't know why.. damn blogger I suppose. I have changed to the new interface and it's pretty odd trying to work round it. Anyways, the last two are fab as ever.. love the little boy on his PS - reminds me of my OH!!! LOL And teddy is beautiful- a gorgeous baby card. have a good day. x

Mau xx said...

Have a good day Coops xx
I have the same prob with Dashboard..I think some bloggers are just hiding from us..playing shy!!! I have had some missing for weeks on end and had to go looking for them.
I have still had my Service error this morning sadly :(
Hugs mau xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your slower morning Coops, l too love when the kids are off, no packed lunches and time limits.

Take care, Rach x

Hazel said...

Hope you have a good well deserved break - look forward to seeing loads more of your cards.

Take care

Hazel x

Christine said...

Mine still keeps playing up. So glad I am not the only one who is really behind. I've got about 4 days worth of peoples to catch up!! xx