Friday, 24 August 2012

I`m still here

Good morning all.I`m still here, honest.The carpet man came yesterday and we have picked our bedroom carpet and cushion flooring for the kitchen.My mobile phone is up and running.I undercoated the ORANGE gloss paint in the kitchen last night, yes it was bright orange.The tenants before us had an obsession with coloured paintwork.yuk.At the mo it is grey ready for me to put the gloss white on.We hit a problem with the little alcove my microwave sits in as the plaster fell off but i am hoping to use some plywood to cover it (fingers crossed).The walls are a mix of bare plaster and welded on woodchip so  i am using some PVA solution the plasterer gave us to coat all the walls ready for my textured paint.
Today i have to paint on the PVA, paint the ceiling and then do the white gloss.Hopefully tomorrow then the textured paint will go on.Its mine and hubbys wedding anniversary tomorrow so it will be good for him to paint with me, lol.
We are off to Alton towers on Monday and then my brother in law is getting married next Friday.I feel like i`m going to meet myself coming i am enjoying myself as i know it will look lots better once its finished.
I am really missing visiting you all though and missing my craft corner, i have new goodies waiting to be played with too and they are sitting on my desk taunting me :S
I hope you are all well and hugs for those of you feeling under the weather.
See you soon
Hugs Coops.xx


Anonymous said...

Goodness Coops, you are a busy girl and your making me feel guilty sitting here lounging in the sun!

All of your hard work will be worth it and once it's done, you can play with your new goodies.

Have a great weekend xx

Ella's Design said...

Hi, Nic! My word you are a busy bee at the moment! Don't envy you all the decorating, although it is very satisfying once it's done - I'll have the whole house to do next Spring once the council have modernised, I'm dreading it in one way, but can't wait too! Have a wonderful anniversary tomorrow and I hope you get the gloss off your skin and hair before Friday, coz it always gets everywhere! Lisa x

Doreen said...

Oh my I am shattered just reading all you are up

Sally said...

Well done on your decorating progress Nic, when you've finished you can come & do mine. lol. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate at the mo, but knowing you you can handle it. Have a great anniversary & tons of fun on Monday.
Sally x

Faye said...

Sounds hectic, so make sure you really enjoy Monday. xx

Aud said...

Busy busy coops, hope everything works out ok for you and enjoy your time at Alton towers and your wedding. Everything will look fab when finished. Audx

Curlybear said...

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow hun and good luck with all the painting,
Have a lovely day Hugs Bridget :0) x

Christine L said...

Hi busy bee!

We'll all still be here when you're back..... don't worry!! And I love your comment 'it'll be good for your hubby to paint with me'.... you tell him! Happy Anniversary for tomorrow for you both!

Christine x

purpleprincess2007 said...

Hi Hun sounds like u r super busy! Glad u r getting things in the house sorted though, missing your crafty offerings - come back soon sweetie xx cara xx

nnalorac said...

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow coops, mine too. Thanks for reminding me lol! Carolxx

Viv's Visuals said...

Missing your creations too Coops - won't be long before you're back in your corner!

Rina said...

Congats Coops.... lovely to learn more about the lives of your blog buddies :) That was a long engagement! I met my hubby and we started living together 3 days later... we married 7 months later and next week is our first anniversary. Have a wonderful anniversary... enjoy your dinner out!

Rina Fashionista

MagsB said...

Goodness, what a lot of hard work you're putting in! I hope you have a fantastic time on Monday with lots of fun on the rides!

love Mags B x