Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beware of women let loose with tools.

Good very hot morning all.
It was so hot and sticky at work yesterday I seriously thought I would melt. lol.
When I got home me and my mum went armed with clippers and saws and set to brutally cutting my shrubs right back.
Because the wall and fence are being replaced I had no choice but to really chop my shrub in front of the wall back to nothing nearly and that also meant all the clematis that had wound round it had to go too as well as trimming my hebe bush back as that was taking over too.
So no card today as my muscles are aching from all the sawing and I got covered in lovely itchy lumps for my efforts.
Instead here are a few pics of my garden in flower.I love gardening even though it doesn`t like me. lol
My lavender and cotton lavenders.

My rock rose is in full bloom now, I had this last year as a present.Not sure what the pink flower in front is.

My chilling area which hopefully will decked soon.

Pic of my pots which are in full bloom now.I also have an hanging basket by my back door with the same flowers in.The only problems I have had is with lots of lily beetles on the lilies.

Pic of my hydrangea, mint, another lavender and another hebe bush.
That's also my puss cat chilling by the back door.

A pic looking down, the scaffolding is gone now and there is virtually no shrub left at the bottom.The fence on the left is whats been replaced and we are hoping it will an higher one so we have privacy from the new build.

This is the wall that has got to come down as it used to be a continuous wall going across where the new build is and they just sawed there half off which left no support on mine and now its ready to collapse.My lovely shrub and clematis is now just the main trunks and a bit of foliage.

A view from the top of the garden looking down.

And this one is for my mum :D, my mums hydrangea`s have only flowered when they first put them in a few years ago , I had mine last year and look flower buds :D:D
Love You Mum.
Thanks so much for popping by and seeing my other passion today.
Hugs Nic.xx


tilly said...

Hope your trees, shrubs and clematis come back twice as bushy, lovely dasies as well

Sue - bearhouse said...

Gorgeous photos, your garden looks really beautiful and very tidy!
hugs Sue xx

Chrissy said...

Very pretty Coops, your pots are looking gorgeous, so many beautiful flowers together, lovely..I suppose my pots could look nice if I remembered to water them in the summer..I'm a lazy gardner, but I do like it..just forget to water regularly..


Janice said...

A beautiful garden Nic & I do love pots - it's just the nightly watering I can't stand! Jx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I love my garden too. Your pits are gorgeous, never had lily beetles but sure you must be able to get a spray for them. Qe had to cut down a huge clematis to have a new fence and it grew back just as big the following year. Enjoy your Sunday x

Sarah said...

Sounds like you worked so hard, hope you get some rest time to spend enjoying your garden x

Jackie said...

Lovely pics, the pink flowers in front of your rock rose look like dianthus (pinks) to me :o)
Jackie xx

Tanya said...

Gorgeous garden Coops, love all the pretty flowers :) I LOVE hydrangeas - they're my mum's favourite flowers too :) Whenever I get married I'm going to have hydrangeas in my bouquet :)

Tags xx

Mary J said...

What a great garden Nic - so lovely with the sun out too! thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

Beautiful garden Nic, love all your pots...thanks for sharing.
Wendy xx

May said...

Gorgeous Garden... you have been busy...Lots of beautiful flowers...Love the pic of your cat sunbathing.. Hugs May x x x

Dotty Jo said...

Such a pretty garden Nic, I can see your creativity stretches beyond ink and paper to having green fingers too! Jo x

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Beautiful photo's hun your garden looks lovely, hope you soon recover from your aches and pains
Lindsay xx

kay said...

Beautiful garden x

Creations by Shirl said...

Love your garden, everything looks so healthy and green~

Michelle said...

it was well worth the hard work as your garden looks lovely x

Lorraine said...

Lovely Coops.

Use Roseclear on your Lily Beetles. I discovered last year that it worked on them and this year, I've had no problems. Only sprayed twice. Obviously, it works on my roses too, lol.

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi Nic, your garden is lovely hun, love the pots so colourful, not a gardener myself I'm afraid don't know a weed from a flower lol, hugs Liz xx

Dangina Martinez said...

WOW, looks fab and I can see why your in pain. Lots of work. The heat doesn't help either, lol. Well worth it eh?

Linda Compton said...

Job well done Nic. Now would you and Mum be available to do mine? Pretty please. Your flowers are so beautiful. Your aches and pains were certainly worth the efforts.

crafty-stamper said...

great photos and love all the plants
carol x

Doreen said...

Beautiful photo's

Sue B said...

Ooh your garden looks fab Coops... I love the pots with the lilies... so beautiful... it looks nice and relaxing to sit out in... :-)
I hope your aching goes away soon hun!
Big hugs
Sue xx

Elaine said...

Lovely photo's of your garden and all your hard work...even harder work in the heat we've been having!
I do love a nice garden and ours looks a right mess at the moment, someone's borrowed our lawnmower, hedge trimmer and almost every other gardening tool we own and we need to get them back!!

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Janet - aka stacky said...

You have a lovely garden Nic with some beautiful plants. I hope all goes well with the work that needs to be done xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

That's gorgeous Nic. Love all your sweet blooms. Summer really is upon you! Your garden looks wonderful hun. Hugs from a Wintery Auckland, New Zealand xxxx