Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Good morning all.
An early start at work for me this morning.
After the allergic rash from THAT body gel (which is a lot better now thanks to the anti histamines), i now have blooming blepheritis in my eyes again which means no wearing makeup and bathing my eyes 4-6 times a day.My eyes are a lovely squinty shade of pink and they are sooooooooo itchy.I have read that coconut oil can help as a natural remedy so i am going to get myself some later.
Really hoping it clears up as i have my best friends 40th birthday party next weekend and i have brought myself a lovely kimono and vest top to wear with my skinny jeans so really want to be able to `put my face on`.
I don`t have a card to share as my eyes are just constantly watering, i did catch up with some commenting though with sunglasses
I have a little something made on my desk but i can`t share that just yet :D
Better get my feet to work.
Catch you all laters :D
Lotsa hugs


Jackie said...

Oh dear Nic, you really are in the wars at the moment...hugs...I do hope you are soon back to normal :o)
Jackie xx

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about your eyes, I hope they improve soon.
Take care
Sue xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Oh dear hope it clears up soon Nic, my friend suffers from it occasionally too and I know how uncomfortable it is. Sending hugs Susan x

Marie-Louise said...

Hope you feel better soon. I use coconut oil all the time especially in my cooking. There are two types and they are both excellent. One is Virgin coconut oil and is expensive and smells of coconut - the other is just pure coconut oil and has no smell or flavour and works just as well and is so much cheaper.

Ella's Design said...

Oh, Nic! You're not having a very good time of it are you?!! Hope the cocounut oil helps sooth your poor eyes and that you're all better for your friend's party! Hugs, Lisa x

Kelly Lloyd said...

Oh no nic, poor you.
Hope they feel better soon,
Big hugs

Lorraine said...

Hope your eyes get better soon.
Lorraine x

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Oh hunnie, sending you huge hugs hope your eyes are better real soon
shell xx

Michelle said...

aaawwww Nic - I hope it clears up in time for your friends 40th so you can have a really fab time. Hope the coconut oil works - feel better soon hun ((hugs)) Michelle x

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Nic

Take very great care of your eyes, perhaps a visit to the chemist or GP before putting anything in them, your sight is one of the most important things you have, I never thought I would end up with cancer in my eye.

Jacee said...

Oh dear, you poor girl, you really are suffering lately, know about the eye thing, been there, done that, don't want it again thanks! such a horrible thing to put up with, I do hope that you soon get back to your normal self, we'll be missing your lovely cards! Sending you a hug,Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

catherine said...

Glad to hear the allergy has cleared Nic but sorry to hear problems else where now. Hope everything recovers quickly for you
x catherine

Jane Savage said...

Ouch, sounds nasty, Coops! Hope you feel better soon. You can’t miss that party! xx

Sue said...

Sorry you are troubled again Nic.Hope your eye clears up soon.
Hugs Sue xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Nic, poor you, my hubby has had that and had to use eyelid wipes. Hope that clears up so you can enjoy the party xx

Sue B said...

Oh no, you are really suffering lately Coops. Just what you don't need after that awful rash.
I have problems with my eyes sometimes, and keep in some Optrex Itchy eye drops ... I'm allergic to so many treatments, but this is SO soothing... just natural purified water and Witch Hazel. You can get an eye bath of it also.
Hope it gets better soon hun
Love Sue xx

Clevercrafter said...

Oh Nic you are going through the wars at the moment, I hope it soon clears up, there is nothing worse than soar eyes. Sending healing thoughts.


Ooooh - sounds rather unpleasant and itchy Nic - I do hope everything clears up very soon.
Take care - hugs, Sylvia xx

Debs M said...

oh no! hope it clears quickly x

Debora said...

Hope you feel better quickly! Thoughts and prayers X0

nwilliams6 said...

Nic, you poor thing! I hope everything clears up soon and you can really enjoy your friend's birthday and craft painlessly. Many hugz!

Christine L said...

Hi Nic... sorry hadn't read this one when I commented on your other post about the pollen! You can buy 'blephaclean' wipes from the chemist.. which do help with this condition... but be careful going back to your make-up... apparently you can get it back from using mascara/eye shadow etc that has been used prior.. Make sure you clean any brushes you used too.. I speak from experience!! LOL!

Christine x

Lau W said...

Oh poor you ! Hope all will be ok soon !
Big kisses my friend !