Friday, 15 August 2014

Fretting Friday.............

Good morning all.
I hope you are all well.
Our shopping trip went well yesterday.We got most of our laddos uniform.Just 2 red polo shirts for P.E to get, his 2 red jumpers which i get from a local shop and then shoes which we will get just before he goes back.
He did not need a new pencil case or bag so saved a few pennies there.I got my hubby a new modern mobile (his was ancient) for an anniversary present and he brought me some more polychromo`s and the promise to buy me a bottle of the Agent Provocateur Fatale perfume which i had a test of yesterday and i love it.
I also did a lot of research on line last week regarding a cream i could use around my eyes to clear up the ezcema and i found a young lady who had it so bad and she had been contacted by Holland & Barrett who sent her some products to try.The blog post was a couple of years old and many other people have since tried the product too so i brought it myself yesterday and its working already, the redness is only slight and a the skin is softer and the creasing is plumping out.It is the Dr Organics organic manuka honey rescue cream and you can apply it as often as you like.Its heaven.
 So as we got in late yesterday i have only managed to colour up an image with my pencils which i  hope to be able to share Sunday.
I am at work tonight so no card from me tomorrow either.
I need to go and get ready now as i am off to the dentist to get my broken tooth/filling seen to and i am so nervous.I am sure no-one must like the
Have a fabulous day, whatever you have planned and lots of hugs to all those who need them,
Lotsa Hugs


SaraJ said...

Thanks for the manuka honey cream info. I've just ordered some for my hubby! Lets hope it works for him too. Have a great weekend. x

Jacee said...

So you got sorted with the school stuff then, that's good, that's one thing off your list.
Hope the new discovery works for your eyes, you could do with a break on that front, and as for the dentist, well what can I say, rather you than me! LOL only kidding, I'm sure it all went well, none of us enjoy the dentist I'm sure, they must be the most hated profession on the planet!
I'll look forward to your next creation. Take care
Hugs Jacee
Simply Paper Card Design

Sarah said...

Hope the dentist went well. I am not a great fan either!

Christine L said...

Glad to hear that your eyes are easing.... that manuka honey is magic! I take a spoonful a day for my digestive probs - and it does seem to help!

Hope the dentist went well..

Christine x

Sue B said...

Glad your shopping trip went well Coops... and glad your new cream is soothing... hopefully it will do the trick and clear it up properly!
Ah dentists!! I get SO nervous before going but it's never as bad as I think it's gonna be... well not usually anyway! Lol
Fingers crossed your filling goes ok hun!
Big hugs
Sue xx

crafty-stamper said...

manuka honey is brilliant for a lot of things and love the actual honey but very expensive,sounds like it is working already-I am terrified of the dentist so good luck there:)
Carol x

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Hope the dental visit was over quickly hun. I don't like them one bit! Glad to hear the eye cream is helping. Might have to look that up for my hubbies eczema. Years of suffering and no one thing that really helps. So thanks for sharing. Hugs, Wends x (Might have missed a post, how did the boobie tests go?) So hoping you got the all clear! xxx

Jackie said...

So pleased to hear that your new cream is working Nic :o)
Jackie xx

Lee said...

Hiya hun,Oh I must see if I can get some of similar cream for my legs which are really bad at the moment with eczma,good luck with your cream.Will look forward to your next creation.Huggles xxx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

So glad you found some cream, sounds like it is working well. Look forward to your next card x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Hope the dentist appointment goes well, glad to hear that you found a creme for the eczema, I'll try it too, I have a silly eczema spot on my arm that I always hide with long sleeves.

Warm hugs

Marie-Louise said...

Glad you have finally found something to help. Maybe now it will finally clear up for you.

Dangina Martinez said...

Good to hear you got it out of the way. I am done too, lol. Can't wait for Monday and I never say that, lol. You know I am having a similar problem with my cheeks, ugh! I hope it getting better.

Mau xx said...

Glad you found a cream Coops that is its the manuka honey that is doing the trick though. We swear by it in our house When Hubby's Psoriasis was really bad on his leg years ago, we smeared some on and covered it, and also had a spoonful every day for 2wks and its NEVER ever come back :o)) Now we take a spoonful each day if we are really unwell with something.

Huge hugs Mau xx

nwilliams6 said...

Sounds like you had a successful day with some new cream (sounds wonderful) and all the school supplies/clothes. We took my husband's granddaughter school shopping Friday night - it was so fun. Hoping the cream is the answer! Hugz!