Thursday, 5 February 2015

Google commenting.

Good afternoon all.
I hope you are all well.
I am going to get in my corner soon and create something.
We have been out this morning as i wanted to get Hubby something for Valentines next weekend and also to visit the Bodyshop yet again as they have released a new range ( i got an invite with 30% off and a free gift), i got some of the new release and it smells lovely.
I have had a couple of work related meetings today too so am just sitting with a cuppa trying to get warm,
So on to why i am here, i have a few people (debs cards and chris`s cards being a couple of them) that i follow that i would love to leave a comment for them but they have  a different type of commenting option, something to do with google + ????
I am really sorry but i can`t comment on them , i would love to.
I do visit and check out your creations but i just can`t comment.
Right think i better go and get something productive done.


Christine L said...

Oooh Chris as in me???


Sheila said...

Same for me and I don't know how to fix the problem. Will watch this post with interest. X

Anonymous said...

I have a problem posting here too!

Grenouille Greetings said...

I don't know the answer, Coops but I'm pretty sure you have to sign up to Google + first. So far I have avoided doing this because I really don't want to be a member of yet another site. Try Googling Google +. Hugs, Lesley