Wednesday, 15 April 2015

New plants.

Good afternoon all.
These pics should of gone up this morning but my camera was on the wrong setting so i have retaken some pics this morning after we had a cheeky lie in :D
So here are a few pics of some new plants i added yesterday, i am aiming for full borders with no soil showing, i am getting there slowly.Hopefully in a few months time there will be a lot more colour.
The grass also needs its first cut now but that is something i can not do due to a severe allergy.
My stepdad says he will come and strim it shorter first and then hubby can use the mower on it.I will be hiding indoors with all the windows
Anyhoo enough of my waffle here are some pics, i added quite a lot of doubles yesterday.

The top bit of the garden.

 A new sedum, i have added a couple of these.

Not sure of the name of this one but absolutely love the colour of the leaves.

One of my new ivy plants, i have added 6 in total to hopefully help cover and help keep my wall up.I could never replace this wall with a new one as i love the character this creates.

A new plant, an aubretia i think.I have 2 of these.

Another spreading plant, not sure of the name of this one.

A couple of my pots, the larger pot was a present from a customer for my 40th birthday last year and he has just brought me the smaller pot too :D

A new tulip, one of my fav flowers.

Another one i don`t know the name of it but it a spreader.

Another tulip, my own tulips that i planted over 10 years ago have failed to come up the last couple of years so i brought some this year.

A close up of the tulip, look at those colours, stunning.

and a pink tulip.

Another aubretia, i  think.I have added 2 of these too.

Another new one again, i am not sure of the name but i just love the leaves and little flowers on this one.

A close up of the flower.
Another one i am not sure of the name on, the nursery where we get these plants on tend to have the names and desciption on a large label on the plant pot so once i have planted them, i throw the pots in for recycling and then forget the

My climbing hydrangea which went in last year, it is starting to bud now ;D
I have added all perennials again this year so hopefully in the next few weeks last years will start flowering and growing more.
I also added some new anemones and i want to go back to the nursery for.some more tulips and poppies.
They also gave me lots of freebies, lots of Aqualegia in different varieties which i have dotted around the garden and also a couple of free Francoa Sonchifolia which i am looking forward to seeing flowering.
Thanks for looking at all of my pics, as you can tell i do love my garden and for my last pic, a cheeky shot of Felix.

His favourite spot when the sun is out.

Thanks for popping by.
Lotsa Hugs


Janette said...

This is going to be one very pretty garden when everything gets into step Nic, love all the plants you added and that Ivy will look fab on the wall, I agree that it has character....keep us up to date with pics won't you..xx

Kuni said...

What a wonderful garden and Felix is very sweet :-)

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Fabulous pics Nicola, you will have a beautiful, colourful garden in no time, especially if we are now going to get some warm weather. I think the plant with the pink and purple coloured flowers coming from the same bunch is called Pulmonaria, at least that's what the label says on mine.

Sarah said...

You have chosen well Nic, most of those will take care of themselves and give years of pleasure, clearly Felix had helped and was pooped after all the hard work!! xx

Sue B said...

Wow… your garden looks awesome Coops… you have some lovely plants there… I especially love the tulips… and I love Ivy too… I used to do a lot of gardening but unfortunately can't do it any more due to spine problems… but love looking at other people's gardens! such a lovely photo of Felix too… he looks so chilled out!! :-)
Hope you have a good day!
Big hugs, Sue B xx

Dortesjs said...

aww great flower shots and darling sweet cat you got

Creations by Shirl said...

Love all the variety of plants.... beautiful..... and your kitty is adorable!

crafty-stamper said...

Love all the new plants and the sunbathing cat -ours spend more time stretched out on the bed -the flowering plant with spotty leaves is a pulmonaria-
Carol x

coldwaters2 said...

Your garden is going to look a treat when the plants establish, I love the wall it looks so ancient and full of character, Felix looks so chilled, lol.
lorraine x

aussie aNNie said...

A pretty garden this will be Nic when the plants establish the pic of your pussy{aNNie My Personal Blog}

Jackie said...

What a lot of beautiful colours. Looks like that pussy cat knows where he is well off :o)
Jackie xx

XxJULESxX said...

My fav things flowers and plants so lovely and of course your very handsome cat!

crafty-stamper said...

Gorgeous image,beautifully coloured,love the fabulous hair and hairlights,love the rolled roses and tutorial
Carol x