Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Good evening all.
I hope you are all well.
Just popping by with a little life update.
Work is very busy at the moment, we have 2 members of staff leaving this weekend for pastures new but good news is my little Brother will be coming to work for us so better working hours and so hopefully more time to craft and blog.
After losing my fur baby Felix in April, we have relented and had a new kitten, he is a ginger and white tabby who is now 12 weeks old and is running rings around us all.
I am covered in scratches but its all good fun, he will be able to explore the great outdoors once all his jabs are finished.
I went to Birmingham last week to the dental hospital, over 2 hours to get there and the same back and I had a lecture on brushing my teeth and an xray...and then yes we can do your root canal..... we will send you another appointment letter but it could be another month or more.......hopefully the tooth gives me no trouble whilst waiting.I have already had to pay again to have it repacked and antibiotics as the packing had come out and it was infected again.
Anyhoo I am sure lots more people have far worse things to worry about than me and I send all my thoughts to you.
Thanks if you`ve read all this :D
I am hoping to get in my crafty corner tomorrow.
See you all soon.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Missing your cards Nic but keeping up with your life on FB. Your new kitty looks so cute. Glad to know you will be working less x

sandy's crafty bits said...

hi nic ... cant wait to meet your new addition to your family ... sorry to hear you are having tooth problems .. .nothing worse than a toothache ... hope you are better soon ... have a great weekend and I hope your work problems improve once your brother is on the case lol ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh babes! That so sucks! I feel your pain as I've just shelled out the equivalent of over £1000 on my teeth! Maddening and painful to boot! I really hope they don't make you wait too long hun. Cool that your wee bro is coming to work though! That could be fun right?! Sending hugs, Wends xoxo

Lozzy T said...

oh no teeth..hope you get your letter soon so they can get it sorted once and for all.. xx