Thursday, 26 August 2010

awards time :)

hello all.another scheduled post.are you missing me
i know i`ll be missing you :)
so i have recieved a couple of awards recently, i bet you thought i`d forgot but with been ill this was ideal to use the awards as one of my scheduled posts :)
so this first award i recieved from the lovely angie and janette.

the rules of this award are:
1.thank the person/s who gave you this award.
2.put the award on your blog.
3.list 3 things you love about yourself. a picture you love (as i`ve been given this twice i have picked 2 )
5.tag 5 other people to pass this award on to (i have chosen 10)

so the 3 things i love about myself are (cor this is hard)
1.i think i am compassionate and kind.
2.i think i am a good mum and wife.
3.i think i have a good sense of humour.
its up to you to decide,its hard to praise yourself isn`t it.

now onto my fav 2 pics.

this is a piccy of my little man.i love it.hes only a couple of months old on this picture and he had a few health problems when he was a can`t tell on the piccy but he has a harness on under his clothes as he had a shallow hip and had to wear the harness from 6 weeks old until he was 8 months old and could only be bathed at hospital once a week when they replaced the harness with a new one.
i love this pic because with all he went through, he was always such a happy little boy and i love the look of wonder on his face,ahhhhhh.

and this one is me.
i am 3 or 4 on this piccy and i love it because its the one my late nan and grandad had on their living room wall.
check out those 70`s clothes.
its a bit damaged now after all the years but it still brings back so many memories.
now to pass it on to 10 lucky peeps :)
in no particular order.
1.jules=always with a heart.
2.rachel=critchley creations.
3.delphine=delphines place.
4.trish=diamond dolls crafty space.
5.gina= ginas krafty place.
6.andria=iona rose
8.netty=nettys craftings.
9.sandy= sandys crafty bits.
10.squirrel= squirrels blog :)
i have put the blogs as well just in case my links don`t work.
if anyone doesn`t know they`ve recieved the award i`ll let you know when i am back.
on to award no 2

i have recieved this award from the lovely jenny and vicky.
so the rules to this one are to pass it on to 7 of my fav blogs.
cor this was hard as i love visiting you all but if i have to pick 7 then here they are:
1.vicky=sticky with icky.
4.carol=my little piece of heaven.
5.julie= catch me crafting.
6.judi=judis craft corner.
7.kathleen= a perfect creation.
thanks to all the ladies for picking me to pass these awards on to :)
i would also like any of my followers to grab these awards too if you would like them as it was so hard to follow the rules and some people i would of passed it on to have already recieved them.
apologies if the links don`t work but i can`t check with it been scheduled.
anyway enjoy your awards everyone and i hope you are all busy creating.
luv coops xxxx


Crafty Urchins said...

We are all missing you here at the shop Nik, but haver a great hol, and fab birthday, and we will see you when you return XXX
Love Sue xx

Vicky said...

OH WOW thanks hunni this is my 1st....thank you so so SOOOO much. Hope you are having a whale of a time on your hols. Love your piccies. Thanks again Nic.

Lotsa BIG hugs Vicky xxx

Delphine said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards, Nic and thank you so much for thinking of me, you have really made my day!! And I love your 2 pictures, so beautiful, and the words that go with them, really touching... Love, Delphine xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Congratulations on your awards Margaret

Andria said...

Aww thanks for my award, first one of the year too :).

Julie said...

Wow Thanks Coops - was so surprised to see my name here!! Sure you know, but just giving you a kick up the j****y to make sure you enter into the current DT call at WOJ!! Hugs, juliexx

Crafty Tam said...

Hope you are having a lovely holiday. Happy Birthday babe.

Big Hugs

Tammy xx

Jules said...

Hi Coops - thank you for thinking of me and passing the award to me.

I received it from two other people too - lucky me!! Please don't make me do it again!!!!

Love Jules xx

Kathleen said...

Thank you for the lovely award. It is greatly appreciated.

Lovely pics of your son and yourself.