Wednesday, 13 July 2011

oh no what will i do :D

good morning all.
just waiting for my work clothes to dry in the drier before i get ready for work.
i had a phonecall(from a contract company) last week to say i needed a safety check by british gas on my gas meter, anyway they said the letter was in the post but i hadn`t recieved one so phoned british gas this morning just to check and oh no its true.
some of you may know but my craft area, drawers etc are in my living room corner, blocking the gas meter so it means tonight i have got to shift the lot out so they can access my meter tomorrow, will take me forever to move it and its sooooo untidy too.
i suppose at least i can tidy as i put it back.
so i may or may not have a card to share tonight.have seen a few cas challenges so may make a quick one layer card.
thanks so much for popping by and i hope to see you later.
have a fab day
luv coops xxxx


Karina said...

Oh Nic, I hate such 'surprises'. Just had this last week, but hadn't to remove my craft area fortunately. I see you take it from a good way, as this way you have the possibility to tidy stuff.
Hugs, Karina

Aunty Sue said...

oh coops how unconsiderate of them hope you get sorted quickly and no making a card half way through. Never know might find something you forgotten while you go

jackid said...

Nic poor you having to move everything some people have no consideration for us crafters lol don't make things to tidy when you put them back coz if you're anything like me when you do yopu won't find them lol
Jacki xx

chris richards said...

Hi Coops, shall miss you tonight,
but shall look forward to your next creation !
love and hugs
chris richards

Sarah said...

You may find some crafty stash that you forgot about or a stamp that hasn't been used for ages ;-)

Sandra said...

Sooner you than there's nothing worse than having to move things and then put them back but then l always find that l tend to go a good tidy out after so it might be that you will do the same but l do feel for you!!:) Sandra H

sparklingblackrose said...

Good luck with moving it all and just see it as an opportunity to find the stash you had forgotten amongst the mess! ;-) Elaine-xxx-

Christine L said...

Oh I hate it when the 'gas man cometh'.. I have to empty my kitchen cupboard so he can see the meter! Only a man could design them right at the back of a cupboard! Left to us women.. We'd have them easy to read all in one place!
Christine x

Rosietoes said...

OH what an upheaval Coops, still you never know what you will discover when you move everything. You could find a whole pile of stash you'd forgotten about, it would be like Christmas morning!

Sorry, I know it's no consolation but only trying to cheer you up a bit. Hope the meter check thing goes ok.

Edna x

Jessica said...

You never know - you might find forgotten treasures whilst moving everything!!! Jxx

Donna Mosley said...

Oh Nic what a pain hun. It could take longer, if you get distracted looking at your stash. That would be what I'd be doing.

Donna x

Sue said...

Just think what you might find though Nic,even if it is a bind moving it all.
Hugs Sue xx

Jules said...

Hi Coops

What a pain!!!

I am glad I don't craft next to my gas meter .. otherwise that would mean I am in the cubby hole under the stairs .. .. just like Harry Potter!!! Eeeekkk!!!

Hope you get everything ready in time.

Love Jules xx

downrightcrafty said...

thank you for the lovely comment and ooh pooo what an awful way to lose crafting time
Kate x

Noreen said...

I know exactly what you mean - I had to dismantle & pack up my entire desk & contents on Saturday as we had B Gas coming in om Tues to fit new boiler & put a radiator into the conservatory - they needed access to the wall right where my desk is! All finished now, but I have to now retrieve the boxes & unpack/reorganise. Good excuse for a declutter, though I haven't really appreciated that atm xx

Netty said...

Good luck with the packing up but at least you will know at the end everything is OK. Annette x