Wednesday, 13 July 2011

oh the shame

good evening all,i hope you are all well.tonight i have started to move my craft clutter.i thought it would be best to tidy as i moved, sort drawers out etc.oh my word.all i have done so far is one drawer and my embossing folders and dies box and i have filled a binbag already.
i have indeed found some rare gems that i had forgot about but its been out weighed by the sheer tat :D
so to shame myself a little further i thought i would share some pics of my utterly disgraceful untidy cluttered little corner.
you will be surprised just how tiny an area i craft in but hey it works :D
so here are the pics
oh dear its bursting at the seems and this is the little corner i sit in.the daylight lamp and white sheet is where i take my photo`s, underneath is my itty bitty table :S
 my chair and the other side is my leather tower that holds my most used stamps, just look at all those foam pad bits on the floor, so shamefull
and even more clutter, so now you know where the blog name came from.
you see the little cream box bit up the corner that is covered in my glues and other tat, well that is the door to the gas meter.
well now i`ve shown you my disgusting clutter, i am going to get my butt in gear and move it.,
i will try and catch up with you all later.
have a fab evening :D
luv coops xxx


tilly said...

ooooo coppsy.... just as well as there is not a lot of you.... where would you sit if you ever got fat !!!! lol
Tilly hehehehe

Sheila said...

Nic, Your wee corner is as cluttered as my kitchen table! We are supposed to be doing our wee box room at the front (Lynne's old room - she now in bigger room at back - Neil's old room)but can't get our ar##s in gear at the mo! Little something flying its way to you right now! Be good and get your corner uncluttered he he, Sheila:)X

kay said...

i love nosing around craft rooms coops and am sure yours works well for you even with the smallness of it,x

CraftyLoops said...

You are missing a trick here Coops....don't call it clutter. Do as I do.....I tell my husband that its "organised chaos"!!! Lee xx

chris richards said...

Never mind coops......It must be lovely to find stash that you've forgotten about,so at least there is a positive side to all the hard work !!
love and hugs
chris richards

Elizabeth said...

Hi Coops, well, we all get into a clutter eventually. Methinks it is inevitable given what we do in our craft spaces. I've just had a big clear up too - you can see the before and after pics on my blog. I tend to just go in and blitz the craft space at fairly frequent intervals, but that's because I'm a very sad person, a neatnik - to borrow a phrase from Julia of Stamping Ground fame, my teeth itch at the sight of unclean stamps, etc. BTW, how tiny is tiny? Wishing you more power to your elbow this week and hopefully the next lot of photos will show those drawers all neatly organised :) Elizabeth x

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing Coops x I don't have a craft area, my stash is in a cupboard and I colour on my lap sitting on the sofa and make my cards on the floor, find it easier than using the dining table to be honest. My Big Shot is in a cupboard in the kitchen and every time I use it, i.e. pretty much every card I make I have to haul it and my dies out. Oh I wish I could win the lottery and have my own craft room, maybe some day x

jean said...

well i thought i was a messy crafter lol,i tidyed mine on saturday night took is ages but once i found stuff and could see my desk got is back in the mood, and thanks for your recent comments on my blog xx jean

Debs M said...

good luck ;)

Catherine said...

hey but you will so much better once it is tidy!!! I dont think it matters how big or small a crafting space is - they are meant to be messy as thats what gets the creative juices flowing(at least thats what I tell my hubby!!!)

Juls said...

lovely to see your craft space .... It feels so good to have a proper clear out, I am going to need to do that myself!!! I am very impressed that such stunning creations come out of such a tiny space! Hugs Juls

P.S - I have the same wallpaper in my craft room too (well its called the craft room, but technically its my office/spare room!) Hugs Juls

Donna Mosley said...

Love your cluttered corner Nic, I bet you know where to put your hands on just what you need. Good luck with the tidy up.

Donna x

Vicky said...

Oh I bet it's all organised..hehehe...!

Good luck with the re-organisation..!

hugs Vicky xx

Sandra said...

You'll feel better for it once you have done ti:) Sandra H

sara said...

oooh i love seeing other peoples craft areas maybe we should all do some pics !! you have certainly used every bit of space i love clutter much better than having it all neat and tidy you can never find anything like that !! not good you have to shift it all tho i bet the guy will be in and out in 2 minutes as well !!
hugs sara x x x

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing what a small space you use to do your cards in and i was amazed then.....and still am!

I have a whole craft room and make a hell of a mess and still can't get motivated and wotnot!

Hope the gasman hurries up and you can get back to your corner CC xx

p.s...what is the Marianne flourish die called pls pet? I've searched for it high n low,ta muchly xx

angelwhispers said...

Good luck Coops I cleaned my space on Sunday and all my DH did was shake his head he said that everytime he looked it was getting worse!!!! lol

Well we all know we have far too much stuff but its all needed!!!!!

Don't forget to post the tidy pictures. Love Chanelle xxx

Mau xx said...

Oh! Coops I would just leave it!!! What on earth will you call your blog if you tidy it up... and you will never find anything if you move it you know :) .... lol
It looks awefully like mine actually :)

Sarah said...

Just as well the gas man didn't just turn up on your doorstep, don't think he'd have had the patience to wait somehow lol. Sarah x

Fluffles said...

...You're not the only one with a cluttered craft space! I always say I'm going to do a proper tidy...they I clear enough space to make just one more card! Jx

Amanda said...

Tut tut Coops! What a disgrace, you would never get me making such a state when crafting. (Mother be quiet..I heard that!)
Sounds to me like you need a good clear out and send all you don't want to me :-)
Your cards are fab so who cares what your crafty area looks like!

Sally said...

Hi there, I followed you over from Donna's blog. Goodness me, I thought I had a small crafting space but you beat me hands down. Good luck with your sort out.
Sally x

Mina said...

mines just as messy Nic lol...its even worse when you have a bigger space, more space to fill
Mina xxx

Chrissy said...

That is cramped, cluttered, untidy,.....but the BEST cards EVER come from if it works leave it

Tonje said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I really love to see others cluttered crafting spaces cause mine is .... well you know really cluttered ;)
xoxo Tonje

saturated canary said...

funny how such a little space produces such beautiful creations!! my space is super small too...tucked into the back corner of our living room:) so fun to get to peek into your space! and i think creative people tend to have that "organized confusion" thing going on where they work-- i wouldn't worry too much!


sue said...

good luck coops,you might even find some hidden treasures along the way. sue xx

Jules said...

Hi Coops

Whatever your work space you create fantastic creations from it that's all I can say.

At least it is letting you have a good sort out .. which is something we should all do but rarely get around to.

You will be pleased you did it in the end.

I don't know about you but whenever I have a tidy up I can never find anything LOL!!!

Love Jules xx

Christine L said...

Oh My Goodness!!! But at least you found some treasures Coops.... makes it all worth while!
Christine x

Judi said...

Well! All I can say is ..... I hope the man doesn't come to read the meter! lol.

Judi xxx

Andrea C said...

I can't believe that this is the same space as above. You have done wonders x