Thursday, 28 January 2016

Unexpected absence.,

Good evening all.
A real quick post from me, whilst I am quickly borrowing someone elses computer.
My laptop is not working, it is coming up with a  critical error, telling me that windows start menu is not loading on start up.
My brother seems to think it is a Windows update error so once my  brother has looked at it for me, I hope to be back.Fingers crossed this is fixable and that I do not need yet another new laptop.
I hope you are well and thanks for popping by.
If anyone really needs me, please contact  me on my facebook but not facebook messenger as I cannot access that from my mobile phone.
Until we meet again.
Hugs Nic.


sandy's crafty bits said...

Oooo poor you nic ... Hope your brother can fix your problem for you it is a real pain ... My dear hubby always hates those updates too ... We usually end up with problems ... Hope to see you back on line soon xx

Margarets designer cards said...

Thanks for telling us, now if I get the same I will know it's the start up menu,
Hope you get it all sorted.
Have a good day

sandy's crafty bits said...

oops looks like you are still not back on line ... as I told you in a previous message my dear hubby would be moaning about the "window updates" too ... and yes he is lol ... hope you get sorted soon ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh Nic! I do hope the laptop is sorted soon. Funny how attached and dependant we become on these hunks of plastic tech! That reminds me I need to backup some files, LOL. Hope it's all sorted soon chick and without costing you the dresser you've been saving for! Big hugs, Wends x