Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Kitchen refurb

 Good morning, its been a while.

The crafty corner is still packed away and I'll be honest.. I'm not sure if it will ever be reinstated.

We've just finished renovation of our kitchen, knocking out the chimney breast to create a bigger kitchen.

Next the roof is been redone and my chimney removed as its pulling our gable end away.

Then the bathroom and living room need to be done.

We are so busy at work too, this year especially has been one where I seem to have been at work more than at home. The joys of been self employed I suppose.

Our laddo is now in sixth form and doing very well as well as a little part time job working for me.

Here is a timeline video from before, during and after.

New doors have since been done, skirting board is done and my fold down table is done and still drying at the moment so is not folded down, I just need to get a couple of fold down stools. I then need to paint and then I can remove the protective plastic backing from all the. Kitchen cupboards etc. 

I hope everyone in craft land is well and still busy crafting away.

Much love 


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